chamber MUSIC



          "String Quartet L" is a work made up of two complementary  movements. The piece earns its title from this concept, L being a right angle, the summation of two smaller complementary angles. The two movements while starkly different were conceived to act constructively instead of simply contrasting with one another. The first movement is very slow moving and focuses on lyrical melodies with rising chords interspersed. The recurring chord comprised of artificial harmonic techniques builds vertically over time like a wall rising from the ground. The second movement on the other hand is made of much more conjunct microtonal gestures and is far more rhythmic in nature. In relation to the rising harmonies of the first movement, the second brings to mind a rough terrain that rises and falls unevenly. This second movement replaces the sublime calm of the first with a micro-chromatic ferocity which gradually slips out of control before being contained again by the end of the movement.