New episodes of Adagio For Things coming Monday 6/17/19! Start getting caught up on season 1 today! Adagio for Things takes an un-stuffy and uncensored look at classical music and new composers. Hosted by Will Stackpole, Michael J. Vince, and Spencer Snyder.


Will Stackpole wins the ASCAP Foundation’s Rudolf Nissim Prize - The prize, given annually to a work requiring a conductor, was awarded for Stackpole’s recent work, fEED. The piece explores the effects of how social media and a 24-hour news cycle effect our perception of the world around us.


***NEW RECORDING*** From Scratch from the premiere performance by Clara Kim and Art Williford


Check out the new recording of fEED by the Juilliard Orchestra with Jeff Milarsky from their performance on April 23rd at Alice Tully Hall!


NEW PREMIERE - On April 23rd, the Juilliard Orchestra will premiere fEED, a brand new orchestral piece, at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center. 


Recordings are now available of my two newest works: Interle[a]ve and Prey. Follow the links on my music page to listen, view scores, and learn more about the music!


Check out the new recording of the NJSO conducted by David Robertson perform ...Ask Questions Later on Q2   |   The performance will be streamed at 9pm on Tuesday, October 18th. Don't worry if you miss it! It will still be available in the Q2 archives.


Will Stackpole receives commission from New York City Ballet's Choreographic Institute   |   The forthcoming work will be written in collaboration with choreographer Claudia Schreier and will be premiered in March of 2017. 


Help support Waves Crash /   / We Rise   |   Filming for my newest collaboration with Evan Fisk starts October 9th! Click here to learn more and contribute!


...Ask Questions Later to be performed by the NJSO   |   On July 16th the NJSO will be premiering the work as part of the Edward T. Cone Composition Institute at Princeton, NJ. More information about the concert can be found here.


Aft Agley wins the Juilliard Orchestra Competition!     |      The piece will be premiered by Jeff Milarsky conducting the Juilliard Orchestra alongside the works of three other winning composers on April 28th at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center. Congratulations also to composers Anne Wang, Will Healy, and Andrew Hsu whose music will also be performed!


New recordings of 'Aft Agley' and 'Tender' streaming now!      |      Special thanks to the Juilliard Orchestra & Jeffrey Milarsky and Branson Yeast & Adam Rothenberg for doing such a fantastic job with these two works.


Check out the new recording of '2 Miles From Here', performed by Aaron Plourde, Theo Van Dyck, James Patterson, Brian Wendel, and Simon Wood!


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The new site is live! To check out some music click here!



What I'm Listening to Now

Every time I write a piece, there's a playlist of music that I keep floating around me. I use this to get familiar with new sounds, keep myself focused on what I want to create, and just enjoy. I thought you might like to hear it too!

I update it pretty frequently and you can probably guess what kinds of things I'm working on by giving it a listen! Feel free to follow the playlist on Spotify!

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