chamber MUSIC

interle[a]ve (2016)

         Interle[a]ve is a work that explores multiple musical ideas at once. While writing it, I became very interested in a film editing technique called 'crosscutting' and how it might be applied to music. In a movie with many protagonists, an editor may choose to unfold the story in such a way that their stories are told in parallel by jumping from one to the other. The events and emotions of each story line often parallel one another, cuing the audience to fill in any gaps in time on their own. In a similar way, Interle[a]ve jumps from one idea to another. The piece is a set of 6 variations. Instead of unfolding in succession, the music constantly jumps from one variation to another. The music is written using an eleven pitch system, with the twelfth pitch (A natural) acting as a sort of musical device that triggers these 'edits'. 

- December, 2016 | New York, NY

This piece was originally commissioned by the New York City Ballet for their 2017 Choreographic Institute. It was choreographed by Claudia Schreier.