chamber MUSIC

from scratch (2017)


  ‘From Scratch’ is a sonata for violin and piano. Throughout the three movements of the piece, the violin interrupts the flow of music with a solo melody that builds upon itself over the course of the work. This solo begins with an effect called a ‘scratch tone’. This abrasive sound that sets off each solo gradually gives way to a normal violin sound and proceeds on to the rest of this recitative-like music. Sometimes this music helps to delineate the form of a movement and at others, attempts to interrupt. Much of the music in all three movements comes from this solo. Since the recitative is not heard in its entirety until quite near the end of the last movement, this music is a bit of an experiment that tests our powers of perception. The listener hears a single musical idea grow from nothing and seemingly new ideas that somehow already feel familiar.

~ July 3rd, 2017 | New York, NY~


This piece is a little on the lengthy side, so if you prefer, please find the recording broken out into smaller parts below