chamber MUSIC

banter, bicker, breathe (2016)


          "Banter, Bicker, Breathe” is a piece for guitar and harp that explores three conversations that take place between a romantic couple. Neither of the instruments is meant to represent a specific role or type of person within a given relationship. Instead, the exchanges between these two similar yet very different instruments parallel the relationship itself. I hope that both listeners and musicians will create their own interpretation of this piece’s narrative. To me, the piece moves through three distinct conversations: an excited relaying of a story that is handed off from one person to the other, a bitter argument, and lastly, a series of intimate whispers.

- February, 2016 | New York, NY

This piece was originally composed for Colin Davin and Emily Levin, who can be heard performing the work in the recording above. To hear more of their work, just click their names.