chamber MUSIC

quintet (2014)

          When I began thinking of what I might want to accomplish in writing a piece for wind quintet, I tried to think of what it was specifically that gives the ensemble its unique tone. Unlike many other chamber ensembles like the string quartet or brass quintet the instruments of the wind quintet are all fundamentally different from one another in their timbres. I therefore set out to write a piece that embraces these differences and uses them as its harmonic basis. I did a frequency analysis of two pitches from each instrument. From the groups of frequencies in each graph I derived harmonic and motivic material for each of the movements. Each of the five movements therefore is intrinsically connected to one of the five instruments of the wind quintet. These short movements do not spotlight their respective instrument with solo material, but instead capture the character inherent in the instruments’ own set of highest overtones. My hope is that the piece produces music that encapsulates a wide variety of colors and emotions. The two “bookend” miniatures provide a sort of amalgam of the different harmonies that are presented in each of the five movements. Continuing with the piece’s examination of the inherent qualities of the woodwind quintet, the two bookends are titled Inhale and Exhale.